TUITION-FREE graduate level courses

Diversity Council

Announcing a Great Professional Development Opportunity for all School Teaching and Administrative Staff for 2018-2019

 Two TUITION-FREE graduate level courses are being offered through Kean University

EMSE 5342 – Teaching the Holocaust – Fall Semester

EMSE 5343 – Teaching Prejudice Reduction – Spring Semester

Each course provides three (3) graduate credits and forty-five (45) professional development hours from Kean University

Tuition free to all participants

Locations:  (your district)  Seats still available at Kean Union and Kean Ocean campuses. 

 If you are interested please call or email for more information regarding registration: 

Ms. Joy Prescott – Professional Services Specialist or (908) 737 – 4640

Course Descriptions:

Teaching the Holocaust (3 CREDITS) EMSE 5342 (FALL): This course is designed to prepare K-12 teachers to teach the Holocaust and Holocaust related themes in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:-1 et seq. University instructors will teach students pedagogy for teaching historic information. Using various texts and media, students will explore teaching strategies, course content, and curricular materials that meet age-appropriate learning objectives. Instructors will also teach strategies for reading complex historic text and creating evidence-based writing samples in accordance with the Common Core of State Standards.

Teaching Prejudice Reduction (3 CREDITS) EMSE 5343 (SPRING): Students will develop strategies for teaching prejudice reduction by examining topics such as race, ethnicity, discrimination, bullying, and preconception. University instructors will emphasize approaches that will reduce the role of prejudice in their students’ lives to prepare them for 21st century life and careers. Students will learn methods of incorporating prejudice reduction into daily instruction and curriculum development.