Diversity Council

Diversity Council

Founded in 1990, the Diversity Council of Kean University, in collaboration with Kean’s College of Education, provides more than 80 member school districts with opportunities that empower educators to create safe, inclusive learning environments for all students by providing Common Core-aligned professional development.


Teaching educators and students to be 21st Century learners by specifically addressing the following:

9.1.12. A.1,2 – The ability to recognize a problem and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve the problem is a lifelong skill that develops over time.

9.1.12. A.3 – Critical thinking and problem solving in the 21st Century are enhanced by the ability to work in cross-cultural teams in face-to-face and virtual environments.


Why join the Diversity Council?

  • Improve school climate by providing students and staff with comprehensive diversity training.
  • Increase academic rigor by training teachers on higher-order thinking skills associated with complex topics.
  • Strengthen curriculum, instruction and programming related to harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) laws and information. 
  • Provide students at all grade levels opportunities for academic leadership.
  • Participate in cost-effective opportunities aligned with revised professional development standards.
  • Infuse topics of diversity into lessons structured to teach Common Core-aligned skills as they relate to PARCC assessment. 
  • Access a database of quality classroom resources. 


What are the benefits of membership?

  • Two tuition-free graduate courses offered on-site to member districts:
    • Teaching the Holocaust  
    • Teaching Prejudice Reduction
  • Multiple professional development opportunities annually.
  • Educator workshops featuring an expert keynote speaker on current educational issues and pedagogy.
  • Annual Student Leadership Conferences for students.
  • Access to Kean University’s Holocaust Resource Center, Human Rights Institute, College of Education and other departments. 
  • Collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. 


Mission Statement of Diversity Council: The Diversity Council (DC) is a partnership of member districts, both public and private, and the Kean University College of Education, dedicated to the active pursuit of human dignity, harmony, understanding and mutual support of issues dealing with diversity that meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The mission of the DC of Kean University is to foster the continued growth of active and compassionate individuals in order to reduce intolerance, harassment/intimidation, and to promote social justice in a democratic society. The Council provides professional development for educators and activities for students on multicultural and other diversity issues including bullying, Holocaust/genocide education, civil rights, and confronting human rights abuses. The DC empowers educators by providing Common Core-aligned professional development, University courses, programs and resources.

Vision Statement of Diversity Council: The DC seeks to raise the consciousness of students and educators about what it means to be just and caring individuals in a diverse and democratic society by supporting them to become change agents and up standers in their schools and communities. The DC of Kean University works to help school administrators, teachers, and students experience success in living and working together as we all endeavor to create a harmonious and effective American and global society.