Curriculum Guide – Holocaust Liberation



Acknowledgements and Introduction

Many people have made significant contributions to the research that led to this curricular development. The members of the Holocaust Resource Foundation have inspired and supported the activities of the Holocaust Resource Center at Kean University since the center’s inception in 1982. We are deeply grateful for their continued support. Dr. Joseph J. Preil, the founding Director of the Holocaust Resource Center is the ultimate visionary who oversaw the creation of 220 original Survivor and Liberator testimonies. All testimonies are housed in the Holocaust Resource Center and offer learners a very unique opportunity to gain insight into the Holocaust experience. It is not easy to find appropriate words to state the value of such holdings. But it is imperative to share these valued resources with as many individuals as possible. Thus, the beginning of many important curricular endeavors.

In 1994, the State of New Jersey signed into law the Holocaust and genocide mandate which required every Board of Education in the state to include Holocaust education in curriculum. The importance of Holocaust education remains and must remain at the center of educational discourse and pedagogy. Dr. Paul Winkler, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education insures the mandate is fulfilled. Students must be consistently challenged to examine concepts of cruelty, aggression, inhumanity, prejudice, scapegoating and genocide, the culmination of societal evil. This curriculum guide will enable educators to offer students an opportunity to examine such difficult concepts but also challenge students to make practical, positive applications to society. Current events around the globe and in the United States prove much work needs to be done. This is not a deterrent, rather a call for action. Together, we must join together to create a world that reflects a peaceful, respectful environment. In honor of those lost and those who survived the Holocaust, we must rededicate ourselves to meaningful educational experiences

Created by: Janice Kroposky, Director Holocaust Resource Center, Kean University, with the technological help of Ms. Kira Richards