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About us


WE ARE Holocaust Resource Center

 The Holocaust Resource Center of Kean University opened its doors in the fall semester of 1982. The Center is a joint initiative between the University and the Holocaust Resource Foundation, a private philanthropic organization. The founding director of the Holocaust Resource Center and the Architect of all programs offered by the HRC is Dr. Joseph J. Preil. His vision for the Holocaust Resource Center at Kean University has been the inspiration for the work of the center since its inception. Offering a library of print and non-print media available to students and teachers and maintaining an extensive library of books, original sources, videotapes and testimonials of Holocaust survivors all of which are available to visiting researchers. The work of the Holocaust Resource Center is made possible through individuals who provide creative vision and support the HRC’s dedication to Holocaust education. As the Holocaust Resource Center looks to the future they imagine new teacher training methods, educational outreach programs, diversity training, and anti bullying partnerships thru on-line education. Multimedia presentations from guest speakers, student/scholar partnerships, and historic interviews from webcast and public broadcasting are all part of their vision. The passionate commitment of these founding members continues to offer a guiding light for our future.Their pledge and dedication to keep history alive will protect our children’s tomorrows and set a path for the accomplishment of the next generation.



Vision Statement of Holocaust Resource Center: The HRC aspires to be a regional leader in academic and support services provided to educators in area schools. We endeavor to support community members and educators in their aim to strengthen the conditions for a just and humane life. The HRC strives to be the foremost repository of Holocaust survivor testimonies, scholarly books, and educational audio-visual materials, and to make these materials accessible to educators in the region.  

Vision Statement of Diversity Council: The DC seeks to raise the consciousness of students and educators about what it means to be just and caring individuals in a diverse and democratic society by supporting them to become change agents and upstanders in their schools and communities. The DC of Kean University works to helps school administrators, teachers, and students experience success in living and working together as we all endeavor to create a harmonious and effective American and global society.

Mission Statement of Holocaust Resource Center

The Holocaust Resource Center (HRC) is a joint initiative between the University and the Holocaust Resource Foundation, a private philanthropic organization. The Center collects academic and instructional materials to strengthen and commemorate education about the Holocaust, other genocides, and issues of diversity and prejudice. The HRC partners with educators, community organizations and scholars to offer programming and disseminate information. This programming provides educators with continuous learning to fulfill the New Jersey state mandate to teach about the Holocaust. It also supports the intellectual and personal growth of educators and University students.

Mission Statement of Diversity Council

The Diversity Council (DC) is a partnership of member districts, both public and private, and the Kean University College of Education, dedicated to the active pursuit of human dignity, harmony, understanding and mutual support of issues dealing with diversity that meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The mission of the DC of Kean University is to foster the continued growth of active and compassionate individuals in order to reduce intolerance, harassment/intimidation and to promote social justice in a democratic society. The Council provides professional development for educators and activities for students on multicultural and other diversity issues including bullying, Holocaust/genocide education, civil rights, and confronting human rights abuses. The DC empowers educators by providing Common Core-aligned professional development, University courses, programs and resources.